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En Güzel Aşk Şarkıları

The most ardent of
I turned my back while walking in the wind in my hair behind
Did you now?
Oh a gang a gang coming towards me!
fashion skirt tattoo, I'm hanging zero-athletes

I started sweating sun burns
I slowly approach you hot

I can not keep myself slowly shook a hip
sport car came with a handsome
it was not based on the most ardent

I could not take a car overtaking them got on with the breast stroke
I opened a button,
I've put my glasses and relax.

unkempt torn socks

hot blond blue eyes was enough to impress her, even

I impressed her first
I myself love her second
The third asked me to lie
fourth,What could be

The most ardent of my street but it was not science.

Neil Oswald Leonard Petrica


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