Bugün 23 Mart 2023 Perşembe, içime sığmayan deli bir aşk bu...

En Güzel Aşk Şarkıları

The moon is crying over the ruined castle now
It witnessed all of what happened and can't help shedding tears.
Don't you cry you bright moon, the old bright days are soon
Will come back! Don't lose your faith! The glory is your fate.
Birds are flying over the ruined castle now
Wailing, grieving all over, want their old castle back.
Don't you cry you birds of sky, just watch and keep an eye
You'll witness a great survive, purely dignified...
The moon is hovering over the ruined castle now
It won't stay ruined forever, because falls lead to rise.
Children's laughther in playgrounds, sunny skies with no clouds
They'll be back again when the summer arrives.


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